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MPMJ provide a wide range of accountant services. please click on each service to find out more.

Payoll Services for

Limited Companies

For Limited companies who need their payroll professionally Processed. 

Payroll Services

If you're looking for a local accountant that specializes in payroll, then MPMJ is the place to go. Our team has years of experience and can provide full service accounting. When it comes time to take care your company's finances be sure contact us at, because we have all been through this before so don't worry - Your business will get top priority from start-to finish when working alongside our qualified professionals.

Tax Returns

We understand that you may be hesitant about filing your taxes this year. But don't worry - at MPMJ, we have the perfect solution for those who are self-employed or small business owners! Our service is affordable and allows qualified accountants to assess how much money can be saved on any given day with their comprehensive knowledge of tax litigation.

Tax Returns for

Limited Companies

Completing Tax Returns doesn’t need to be taxing…. 

VAT Returns for

Limited Companies

Late or incorrect VAT Returns can create big problems for companies. Secure your position today! 

VAT Returns

We are VAT return specialists who make sure you never overpay for your taxes. We know the ins and outs of submitting returns, which is why our team will take time to get an understanding about what kind of business or organization you have so that any tax relief strategies can be utilized according within the set guidelines.

Accounting Software Implementation

Our professionals at MPMJ have years of experience and we can assure a smooth implementation or transfer. We will ensure that you've considered all functionality ensuring your system is robust from the get go.

Software for

Limited Companies

We have a technology stack that is “Best In Class”. Take advantage of our industry knowledge today! 

Bookkeeping for

Limited Companies

Our Professional Bookkeepers can keep your accounts up to date, daily, weekly or monthly. 


We understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping is. It's critical for your business and can keep costs down. Having disorganised books can cost your business and hurt your bottom line.
Our professional team will take care of all those tricky little details so that there are no problems later on- making sure everyone wins in this transaction from start to finish.